Where BPM (aka beats per minute aka killer playlists!) meet intention, movement and sweat…welcome to HIIT. This all inclusive class will leave you feeling strong, energized and ready to tackle the rest of your day. We incorporate light hand weights with powerful Vinyasa (breathe to movement) flows to bring out your inner warrior. Class peaks at our 15 minute HIIT interval and leads into a juicy cool down. Ready, set, let’s GO. Come prepared and hydrated. 

Heated at 80-85F.

TRANSFORM 60 (Breathe)

Inhale…Exhale. Repeat. Match breath to movement and movement to the music. Our unique take on a dynamic Power Vinyasa flow that is focused on moving you through a journey of self transformation. What to Expect: juicy Sun Sal’s, balance series, peak postures and even some free-style action. Class closes with a 10-minute guided meditation that flows into final Savasana. This class is an all around crowd pleaser. 

Heated at 80-85F.


Looking for a reset? Welcome to RESTORE. This class is the perfect compliment to our other offerings in our Transformation Series. Start with a “foundational/alignment” based flow [great for beginners] followed by a series of Yin and Restorative work. Yin Yoga works with stretching your connective tissue around your joints (hello athletes?!) and our Restorative postures use the aid of props (blocks, bolsters, blankets, etc.) to help you completely release and relax. Wrap it all up with a 10 minute guided meditation and consider yourself TRANSFORMED. 

This class uses SoundOff® headphones to enhance your experience.

No Heat.


#YesIMeditate takes on the world of meditation and mindfulness in an immersion of breathe and intention. We take inspiration from traditional practices and merge them with the many breakthroughs stemming from modern day science and mindfulness research. Technology has the ability to allow us to understand the mind in ways we never thought possible. The use of SoundOff® headphones allow for a truly unique and innovative experience. 

Be on the lookout for more innovation and updates to this exciting addition to the schedule. 


Return to your true Essence! iEssence is a full body immersion that equips you with tools and techniques to assist you in transforming and transmuting negative thought patterns. From emotional baggage to negative self talk, iEssence will assist in returning to your true nature of Love, Positivity, Happiness, Health, and Strength. Learn ancient breathing techniques based upon Wim Hof aka “Iceman’s” holotropic breathing. Class starts with a full hour of holotropic breathing combined with Ancient + Modern day movement, training, and calisthenics with a final transition to a Silent Disco led by a Live DJ using SoundOff® headphones where students will move, sweat, release and connect. Welcome to iEssence. You have arrived. 

WARNING: Expect to experience immense happiness, energy and bliss.

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